Law Offices of Jordan Cohen, P.C. represents corporate clients and individuals in a variety of business areas with an emphasis on alternative/specialty finance for pre-settlement funding, medical receivables and merchant cash advance companies. Irrespective of the Firms general practice for all litigation and corporate matters, a key focus is on the consulting of various businesses from inception all the way through each client's respective goals, which at times are selling such company for a substantial profit for its owners/investors. The Firm has developed vast relationships in the legal/financial arena throughout the United States and globally to ensure it is able to oversee all aspects of its clients’ interests, albeit for capital raises, or compliance and regulatory issues with specific governmental bodies. 


In regard to Pre-Settlement Funding and Medical Receivables, the firms career highlights include without limitation:

1.  Raised over $350 million in structured portfolio sale/forward flow agreements for a pre-settlement and medical receivable funding company based in New York;
2.  Negotiated senior and junior credit facilities for  New York based non-recourse funding company and facilitated the sale of the company to a private family office; 
3.  Raised over $150 million in loans from lenders and private investors to facilitate capital to cover $400 million in funding used for non-recourse advances by companies based in CA, NY and FL; 
4.  Consulted on the development of proprietary software for pre-settlement and medical receivable funding now used  by companies throughout the United States and Europe; and

5.  In charge of lien management, underwriting, sales and collections for over $400 million in funding.

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