Merchant Cash Advance

The Law Offices of Jordan Cohen, P.C. is currently representing numerous funders throughout the United States that purchase future receivables of respective businesses. In addition, the client list has grown over the years to include many ISO's and direct marketers. Being a client of the Firm not only introduces you to the most up to date case law and regulatory aspects of this business, but the networking and relationships forged is a major asset. The specific services offered by the Law Offices of Jordan Cohen, P.C. are as follows:


  1. funding over $270 million in non-recourse advances;
  2. obtaining a $100 million structured portfolio sale and forward flow agreement;
  3. $150 million senior credit facility; and
  4. $60 million junior credit facility. 

Pre-Settlement Funding

In regards to Pre-Settlement Funding, the days of Plaintiff's wanting to wait two years for any monies regarding their potential settlement have changed. Whether it be the Court's taking longer to get things on the docket, insurance companies fighting back or a Plaintiff needing a surgery to ensure they can have a better life in addition to get a settlement of what they truly deserve due to the negligence of the Defendant(s), non-recourse advances are major part of the personal injury case. Over the past five years, Jordan Cohen, Esq. has been general counsel for one of the leaders in this industry in which he in connection with superior ownership and management have built a very successful and innovative Pre-Settlement Funding company. The accomplishments include without limitation:

  • Capital Raises ranging from introductions to companies that offer capital through the closing phase
  • Substantive contract review and preparation
  • Underwriting Guidelines
  • Compliance and regulatory consulting
  • Collections varying from pre-judgment through post-judgment
  • UCC guidelines/Negating of Stacking/Protecting receivables in a Bankruptcy setting
  • Working with Debt Settlement Companies